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Today Vera is one of the most important commercial centres in the region, with a thriving traditional core and a number of supermarkets and commercial organisations spread along the ring road. The earliest Carthaginian, Roman and Moorish settlement was at Baria, by the sea near Villaricos. But in the unsettled times of the early Middle Ages, the settlement was moved inland to the hill of Espiritu Santo, but a huge earthquake destroyed it in 1518. Following the earthquake it was rebuilt on the site it currently occupies, as a rectangular layout with eight towers and two gates. At the centre was the Parish Church of the Encarnación, built as a fortress to protect the village against pirates. In the late 19th century the town expanded due to mining activity in the region, but it subsequently declined until its recent development as a tourist centre.

Fortified church of the Encarnación, as seen across the Central Square
Vera itself lies approximately 10 kilometers inland from the coast, but the municipality extends to the sea shore. There, a tourist settlement, named Vera Playa, has been developed. This now forms the main economic activity of Vera.

Since 1990, Vera Playa has developed into an important centre for naturism (nudism). There are several apartment complexes, including Natsun, La Manera, Bahia de Vera and Vera Natura, where naturism is officially permitted. The naturist complex is completely open and there are good parking facilities. About two kilometers of beach have been reserved for naturists.

On 21 July 2013 a local group called Vera Playa Friends organised a Guinness World Record attempt at the largest ever skinny dip. veraplaya08729 naturists entered the sea at El Playazo beach at 12:00 mid day beating the previous record of 506 set in New Zealand the previous year. Vera Mayor José Carmelo Jorge called the mass nude swim a "tremendous success." The event was organised by Vera Playa Friends in association with Vera Town hall and Tourist Office, also heavily involved were the Spanish Naturist Federation and the day chosen was the 'day without swimsuits' with hundreds of Spanish naturists flocking to the beach. The area of Vera Playa is a well known naturist area and includes Spain's only naturist hotel. A local charity for children suffering from disabilities benefited from the Guinness World Record crowds.